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Message from Director

It is both an honor and privilege to serve as a Director of the National Health Training Centre (NHTC), which is the apex body responsible for developing and conducting different types of in-services training to strengthen and build the capacity of the health workers enrolled in the government system in Nepal. The centre oversees and coordinates both pre and in-service trainings.  It provides all in-services training for Department of Health Services, Centers, Department of Ayurveda and Department of Drug administration in Nepal.

In addition to the capacity building function, the NHTC works on policy development, planning and budgeting, training needs assessment, curriculum design, training evaluation and quality assurance. It has initiated a number of new training programs including trauma management, climate change management, and non-communicable diseases to achieve the set goals by Nepal Health Sector Strategy (NHSS) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Nepal.

The National Health Training Strategy, 2004 is the current guiding document for the health sector training management in Nepal, which envisions a national health training system. The system has been utilized to accomplish the given responsibilities through the in-house human capacity, specialist working in the public health system, and other specialist institutions including external development partners, private sectors and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs).

 The robust training system is the prime need of the day in the federal context, which requires strengthen of national health training system with competent staffing, established process, skill human resources, optimum resources and appropriate structures. Nevertheless, enhancing efficiency and coordination among the stakeholders to cater the services is the crucial tasks of the centre. Given the reality, the centre will make an additional effort in policy formulation, structural reform, cost effective approaches for capacity building of service providers including onsite training and coaching.

As a director of NHTC, I would like to thank all stakeholders including government officials, health care workers, external development partners (EDPs), and Non-governmental organizations for their meaningful contribution in the health training system in Nepal.

The present context, the time of transition, provides us with an opportunity where we can make improvements in our performances within our jurisdiction as we are committed to this endeavor to address our peoples’ needs.

Finally, please be sure that our focus is to seek and continuously improve our organization and process, and then ensure the anticipated results of our efforts, primarily on those who need and utilize our services.

Thank you all.

Jhalak Sharma Paudel